[TV] Red Eye (2024)

Season 1 of Red Eye premiered on April 21, 2024.

High-Flying Suspense

The series unfolds entirely between London and Beijing aboard a tense, red-eye flight. Dr. Matthew Nolan (played by Richard Armitage) is a British man accused of murder in China. Despite claiming he was alone in a car crash, he’s being extradited by London police officer DC Hana Li.

Murder in the Air

The claustrophobic atmosphere intensifies as deaths erupt on the flight, throwing Li and Nolan into a web of conspiracy. Nolan maintains his innocence, but is he truly a victim or is there more to the story?

International Intrigue

“Red Eye” weaves together the mystery on the plane with the corridors of power in Whitehall, hinting at a larger conspiracy at play.

Focus on Characters

The show centers on the dynamic between Li, a dedicated officer caught in an unexpected situation, and Nolan, a man shrouded in suspicion. As they work together to solve the murders and clear their names, the lines between cop and accused begin to blur.


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