[Travel] Namsan Tower: Seoul’s Shining Beacon

Perched atop Namsan Mountain in the heart of Seoul, Namsan Tower (also known as Seoul Tower) stands as a beloved beacon of the South Korean capital. Reaching 236 meters into the sky, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of the sprawling metropolis. Here’s why a visit to this iconic tower is a must-do when in Seoul.

History & Purpose

Originally built in 1969, Namsan Tower primarily served as South Korea’s first general radio wave tower, broadcasting television and radio signals throughout Seoul. This practical purpose was a key element in the country’s modernization efforts. However, it soon became a cherished landmark.

Why Visit Namsan Tower

  • Unforgettable Views: The observation decks at Namsan Tower provide an awe-inspiring 360-degree perspective of Seoul. Witness the dynamic cityscape change from day to night, a glittering expanse of light under the stars.
  • Love Locks: Namsan Tower is a romantic destination, famous for its “Love Locks.” Couples attach padlocks to the fences as a symbol of their unbreakable bond.
  • More Than Just a View: The tower houses restaurants, cafes, a teddy bear museum, and exciting light shows – a fun outing for all ages.
  • Namsan Park: Surrounding the tower is the beautiful Namsan Park, offering hiking trails and a chance to connect with nature within the bustling city.

A Seoul Symbol

Namsan Tower’s rich history and breathtaking location have transformed it into a symbol of Seoul. Whether you seek stunning views, a romantic gesture, or a multifaceted experience, a visit to Namsan Tower will leave a lasting impression.

Namsan ( 남산)

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